Steve Altman just bounced on stage. It wasn’t that he was just standing there and suddenly bounced. He wasn’t there, and then he was...with a bounce. The audience clicked on like a motor, with the lights and the music and the laughter. A digital keyboard fantasy-land of the future pulling you into the lap of a wacky, offbeat comedian who’s bent on having fun. Don’t look now, you’re on the ride.., and you’re traveling at the speed of pie.

Weaving in and out of sound bleeps, effects, cartoon noises, parodies, original musical bits, sounds we all know and love and hate, embarrassing sounds, love sounds...Steve takes us on a journey through what he calls digital comedy. As an accomplished musician, he uses a digital sampling keyboard to pull sounds that he’s recorded or sampled. As a comedian, he uses his odd observances of humanity that he’s recorded or sampled. You never know whether you’re going to split a stitch, be serenaded, do the Altman comedy wave or gasp at impersonations ranging from Elvis to Johnny to McCartney to Pee Wee. You take his friendly invitation and willingly join him in his world of virtual reality (without the reality). Virtual comedy.

It’s performance art, it’s live theatre, it’s rock n’ roll. It’s the digital comedy of Steve Altman.