Steve Harvey remains one of the busiest and most talented comedians working in Hollywood today. Pulling double duty as the star of his own television series, The Steve Harvey Show and as host of the syndicated television series Showtime at the Apollo.

A Cleveland native, Harvey has been performing stand-up in comedy clubs across the nation for more than a decade and is currently touring venues in several states. One stop on Harvey’s current tour resulted in his second comedy special of HBO. Executives at HBO were so impressed with Harvey’s first half-hour special, they signed him up for a full hour for the second time around. His HBO Comedy Hour: Steve Harvey: One Man, premiered to rave reviews in the winter of 1997. Harvey has also seen the successful release on his debut comedy album on the T-Neck/Island Black Music label, Steve Harvey…Down South Somewhere.

Steve Harvey successfully transfers his comical anecdotes to the recording world. Harvey weaves hilarious tales based on life experiences and vividly illustrates the differences between the sexes when he gives pointers on how to get the sparks back into a relationship, as well as advising men and women on how to better understand one another.

The comedy gets intense when Harvey broaches upon the topic of race. He uses his superior storytelling skills in tackling the sensitive subject. However, laughter and nods of agreement quickly replace any feelings of uneasiness. Harvey masterfully lays out several commonplace scenarios such as going to church, laughing and praying, to convey the comical contrasts between black and white culture. It is a testament of Harvey’s comedic skill that he is able to effortlessly turn a potentially volatile issue into a funny one.

One of the secrets behind Harvey’s success is his ability to adapt his unique comedic personality to whatever arena or environment he’s working in. His first television venture, "Me and the Boys" earned Harvey a nomination for a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Male Performer in a Television Series.

In the wake of the NAACP’s attacks on a number of other sitcoms featuring African-Americans, Harvey has been praised by critics for his positive portrayal of African-Americans on The Steve Harvey Show, which is tied with Friends as the third highest rated show according to the TVQ rankings (which measure the likability and recognizability of celebrities).

The focus of Harvey’s efforts extends beyond the entertainment industry. He is committed to helping youths in detention centers and middle schools nationwide through speaking about the pitfalls of drugs and the importance of setting goals. Harvey is creating an organization called the King Love Center, named in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., which he envisions as a place young people can visit year round to learn the importance of a positive mental attitude, character building and making dreams become reality.

Harvey has been compared to legend, Richard Pryor and these comparisons are well deserved. Harvey’s wry wit, dead-on observations, and painfully true assessments of human nature add up to one very funny comedian. If you’re looking for a laugh, chuckle and sidesplitting howl, take a trip with Steve Harvey.