Susan Norfleet’s ability to cleverly capture Americana with dead-eye accuracy is undeniable evident as millions of television viewers observed by her numerous "Tonight Show" appearances with Johnny Carson and Jay Leno, and on the concert circuit where she’s opened for noted musical talents as The Judds, Peter Allen and k.d. Lang. Recent TV appearances include "Golden Palace" and "Designing Women" as well as Jonathan Winter and Elayne’s Boosler’s two "Showtime" specials.

Whether she’s "Enid" the stoic cafeteria lady, or fisher-woman "Francine McNitt", Susan totes a gamut of character with such ease and wit that many of her "alter-egos" have become perennial favorites.

The inspiration for her many character was etched in her personality through osmosis rather than study. Born in North Carolina, Susan gained great insight into the rural mystique through friends, neighbors and family. Her eventual move to Nashville at age 15 broadened her insight of the homespun inhabitants.

After a year at the University of Jacksonville in Florida, where she studied theatre, she went to New York in 1978. For four years she appeared and wrote alternately for several Off-Broadway productions. Her wacky real life experiences also led to development a science fiction spoof with her sister entitled "Starstruck" which has been serialized and published by Marvel Comics. Susan’s next move was north to Minnesota, which she called home "for the next six winters… there is no years in Minnesota."

Realizing "the best way to get stage time is to do stand-up," Susan honed her skills as a comedienne and was soon charming comedy club audiences with her many characterizations, including "Vicki Vivrette", her own favorite, and one that has found a permanent home in her heart. Now a staple of her act, "Vicki" is a Country-Western singer whose latest single "Make Love To Me Like A TV Preacher" is a chart-buster. Vicki’s inspiration remarks on her own insurmountable problems are priceless, "I’m in a little bit of a pissy mood… I’m not happy with my hair" referring to her bouffant that has as much body and bounce as tumbleweed.

Luck seemed to follow Susan when her mother bumped into Nashville legend Minnie Pearl at a boutique and told her of her daughter’s ambitions. Shortly thereafter, Minnie helped bring Susan to national attention on The Nashville Network. Ms. Pearl has been vocally encouraging of Susan’s comedic abilities, solidifying her reputation as a most promising rising talent.

After rave reviews and unending support from Ms. Pearl and another inspiration, Lily Tomlin, Susan made the transition from the comedy club circuit to the convention circuit in addition to appearing on numerous television shows such as, "Comic Strip Live," "Attitudes," "VH1" and "The Tonight Show."

Throughout her travels, Susan has added a wide array of personalities to her repertoire which today included "Vicki"; author "Betty Pierpon" (a socially conscious woman who expounds the virtues of her party snack-books); "Enid" (a stern, hair-netted grade school cafeteria worker); "Francine" (a fisher-woman with as much pizzazz as a week-old car); and a mountain woman who subsists on robust coffee. When asked to list those comedy heroines, who have motivated her, she readily points to the likes of Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, and Lily Tomlin.

Susan Norfleet is a comic gem who, with her unique brand of humor, transcends every level of social comedy. Laughter, after all, is a universal language – so look out -- Susan Norfleet has a lot of talkin’ to do!