Jonathan Pendragon presents the most amazing magic in the world. With his partner, Charlotte, he has performed in over fifty different countries. This fact alone demonstrates the appeal of his work. He not only appears often on American television, but is a regular on Japanese, French, and Spanish television. In England he has starred in three television series devoted to magic. In each series Jonathan presented brand new illusions, many of which shattered the perception of what was possible in magic. He credits Charlotte for these accomplishments.

Charlotte Pendragon is the most honored woman in magic. She was the first woman ever to receive the Magician of the Year Award, America’s most prestigious magic honor. In the one hundred plus years that Britain’s Magic Circle has existed, it has never voted a woman into the societies Inner Magic Circle, it’s most exclusive membership. In 1991, Charlotte Pendragon became the first (and still only) woman to be elected into the Inner Magic Circle. This Historical event was witnessed on television throughout Great Britain. These honors are in recognition for her work in Grand Illusion. Dancer, gymnast and physical fitness expert, Charlotte can perform the large illusions with skills others are judged by.

Jonathan Pendragon began performing magic as a child. A graduate of the University of California (degree in Theater), he brings a dramatic quality to his work. His magic stirs the imagination and emotions. Jonathan spent eight years working in the film industry as a stuntman, a profession he equates with magic. "In both stuntwork and magic, I create illusions with the human body". Charlotte was a perfect match for the kind of magic Jonathan wished to present. The success of their magic is based on a lot more then physical skill.

At the core of their work is a relationship. Jonathan has ignored the classic magician assistant relationship in favor of a much more developed alliance. Charlotte is not an assistant, rather she is a partner who is as important to the performance as Jonathan is. This brings a special quality to many of their illusions. For this reason most of their awards read "To Jonathan and Charlotte, The Pendragons".

Jonathan is the wizard at the heart of the performance. Most of the magic is his creation. His material is on the cutting edge. He has introduced four new illusions in 1992. One, The Crystal Sawing, is already being called a masterpiece. The illusion at a glance appears to resemble the classic sawing a woman in half illusion, with one big difference, the box which holds the woman is made of glass. You see her body from head to toe during the entire routine. This has never been accomplished in magic before.

Jonathan and Charlotte lead an international life. This year has found them filming a ‘TV series in England, a TV special in Japan, fourteen appearances on Spanish television and a TV special for the Royal Family of Monaco (to be aired throughout Europe). In the United States the Jonathan Winters’ Showtime special which they closed, still continues to air. They are regulars on Fox’s "Comic Strip Live" (the shows only serious performers) and will be seen on a syndicated special in the fall (filmed in Japan). Naples, Beijing, Paris, London, Madrid, Tokyo, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Sydney, Santiago, and Rome, some would be happy to see these destinations in a life time, The Pendragons will perform in all of these cities in 1992. Add to this their performance for major corporations, their highly acclaimed Halloween show for Universal Studios, Florida, and their special appearances for Universal Studios, Hollywood and their appearances in Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe and Atlantic City, it adds up to one very busy couple.

Jonathan long ago ignored the trend towards the use of exotic animals in magic. While magicians proudly flash the pictures of their lions and tigers, few would be willing to change places with them. To Jonathan a cage, no matter how plush, is always a cage. The recent cases of abused exotic animals, the hapless victims of uncaring magicians, has hardened Jonathan’s position. The most dangerous animal in the performance of The Pendragons, is Jonathan. Juneau, an eight year old dog (Samoyed) Charlotte rescued from the Los Angeles Pound does make a cameo appearance.

Jonathan Pendragon delivers an evening of pure imagination. A whirlwind of grand illusion that has left Kings, Queens and Presidents alike absolutely spellbound. A master of the art, a woman of legendary enchantment, it can only by The Pendragons.