"Will the real Bill Clinton please stand up?"

That’s what you would say if President Clinton and Tim Watters were sitting in the same room together. Tim Watters is a comedian and actor whose appearance is so authentic that when the presi-dent speaks on television, his son calls him "Daddy".

A former real estate agent from Florida, Watters says, "Not one day would go by when someone wouldn’t come up to me and ask if I’m Bill Clinton, or tell me how much I look like the president." He found all this amusing, considering that it all started as a big joke around the office about the time of the presidential election. "Every day when I would return to my office, there would be another picture of Bill Clinton on my desk, so I decided not to let the opportunity pass me by."

Watters now pursues the role of Bill Clinton on a full time basis for television and special events and goes to great lengths to play the part. To prepare, he wets his hair, applies a grey mousse, and then blows it dry using white hair spray for highlights. The final look is extremely believable, but it doesn’t stop there. He dresses (our or five people as Secret Service agents, complete with earpieces and sunglasses, and has a limousine decked out with American flags &mdash with the stereo blasting Hail to the Chief. "When I walk into a McDonald’s, it really takes people by surprise," says Tim. The likeness to Bill Clinton has garnered national recognition on such shows as The Tonight Show, Entertainment Tonight, CBS Morning News, CNN and Dateline NBC. He has also been a celebrity guest on television shows in Japan and Germany, AND he has even learned to play the saxophone!

Watters’ greatest satisfaction to date came at a political rally where Bill Clinton was running late, and Hillary Clinton was sent to greet the crowd. As she walked five feet in front of him, the first lady did a HARD double-take. Later, one of the president’s campaign workers came up to him and shook his hand, saying, "I just had to meet the ‘CLINTON CLONE".

Watters’ future prospects involve greater national exposure. He has appeared FOUR times on The Tonight Show, in the motion picture Naked Gun 33-1/3, and was featured in a syndicated nightly tele-vision comedy, The Newz. One should expect to see more of Watters in the future. In fact, the next time you see Bill Clinton on television, in the newspaper, or at your local McDonald’s, you may want to take a closer look. It just might be TIM WATTERS!